IndeComms – India’s Independent PR Firm Conclave




Agenda Time Topics Panelists Moderator
9:15 AM Registrations
9:40 AM Opening Remarks
Session 1 9:45 AM Independent PR firms – Is there a problem of plenty? Anand Mahesh
Diana Fernandes
Madhvendra Das
Nandita Lakshmanan
Vineet Handa
Sonia Kulkarni
Session 2 10:30 AM What can Indian independent PR firms do to cut the clutter? Aniruddha Bhagwat
Girish Balachandran
Komal Lath
Rishi Seth
Tejal Daftary
Srishty Chawla
11:15 AM Tea / Coffee Break
Session 3 11:45 AM Is the future of Public Relations made for the generalist or the specialist? Deepak Jolly
Priti Mohile
Rachana Chowdhary
Sudhir Shetty
Xavier Prabhu
Kiran Ray Choudhury
Session 4 12:30 PM The talent conundrum – How are independent PR firms acing this game? Amitabh Saksena
Kritika Lalchandani
Manjunath Padiki
Ruby Sinha
Sanjay Arora
Neha Rastogi
1:15 PM Lunch
Session 5 2:15 PM How are independent PR firms future proofing themselves? Abhinav Srivastava
Hemant Batra
Radhika Nihalani
Rahul Mehta
Shailesh Goyal
Priyanca Vaishnav
Session 6 3:00 PM Building on our strengths – the competitive edge that independent PR firms have Dilip Yadav
Kunal Kishore
Madan Bahal
Pooja Chaudhri
Ravi Shankar
Sumita Kaul
Session 7 4:00 PM What goes through the mind of an entrepreneur when looking at selling the firm N.S.Rajan
Zacharia James
Kartikeya Prakash
Archana Jain
Session 8 4:45 PM Closing Remarks
4:55 PM Tea / Coffee Break

*All panelist names appear in alphabetical order.

This is an invitation-only event.
For more information mail geetika at promisefoundation dot com

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