Huddle is a conclave presented by Comms News in partnership with Kaizzen in order to bring together the fraternity to achieve three goals through one event.

  1. Celebrate India’s Top Corporate Communication Teams
  2. Learn from Chief Communication Officers
  3. Share the nominal amount of the registration fees with charities

The first edition of Huddle will take place in Bangalore on Thursday, 6th June 2024 at Museum of Art & Photography, Bangalore. Attendees may purchase one of two tickets. The break up of the amount is as follows:

a) A premium ticket (INR 5500 all inclusive) which includes lunch and high tea besides the conclave. The lunch starts at 12.30 pm followed by the conclave or

b) A basic ticket (INR 1200) that includes the conclave and high tea. The conclave check-in starts at 1.30 pm

In case of both the tickets there is a requirement to complete the purchase of the ticket online at Explara and then purchase a Sparkle Gift Card as well, so you get the benefits of the charity donation.

The break up of the amount is as follows: INR 3500 (includes GST) for lunch in case of a premium ticket. Plus an additional spend of INR 2000 to purchase either an-ecard or a physical card.

INR 590 (includes GST) for high tea. Plus an additional spend of INR 590 to purchase the Special Edition Yellow Card.

You may retain the card or gift the card to someone. The holder of the card gets to assign the amount to one or all 10 NGOs in the list. The buyer gets the 80 G benefits from the NGO.

In case you do not purchase the Sparkle Gift Card on the same day, a team member will send you a reminder email on the following day to purchase the same. In case the same is not done the primary ticket will be cancelled and the amount returned to you. These tickets are not cancelable or refundable.

The conclave check-in starts at 1.30 pm

1.30 PM Conclave Check-in
2.00 PM Opening Remarks
2.10 PM Welcome Speech
2.25 PM Seema Ahuja, Biocon
2.45 PM Rohit Bansal, Reliance Industries
3.05 PM AR Hemant, Bank Bazaar
3.25 PM Mahesh Jayaram, Dell
3.45 PM Senjam Rajshekhar, MPL
4.05 PM Suhel Singh, Bayer
4.25 PM Shivani Vyas, Lowes
4.45 PM Tech Pulse
5.00 PM Special Address & Fireside Chat with Deepa Kannan
5.30 PM Felicitation of 30 TCCT
5.45 PM High Tea


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