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Media Mantra announces tech-based venture Influsurf Communications

Media Mantra has launched its new venture, Influsurf Communications, which is a tech-based company conceptualized with the sole aim to bring about technological advancements in the communications industry.

With this move, the agency aims to expedite digital adoption in the PR and communications industry, leading to the development of a media management technology platform through Influsurf Communications.

While the product is still in its development stages, the PR firm will launch this platform by the next quarter. It aims to enable the management of media contacts, media communications, evaluating the effectiveness of PR campaigns, and media relations.

Udit Pathak, Director, Media Mantra, said, “We have always been keen to be at the forefront in revamping the Indian communications and PR scenario. We are of the view that it’s high time that digital adoption should be aggressive in the industry. It is a technology that will drive the growth of the sector in the future. Hence, we thought of initiating the tech revolution with our platform. This would not only ensure productivity but will also help bring about efficiency in the working of the teams. This tool will be available for firms, corporate communications specialists, as well as freelancers and, will indeed benefit the communications industry on the whole! Fingers crossed that our concept will be well received by the brands, professionals, as well as leaders in the industry. We are hopeful that if our tool gets accepted and receives recognition, it will indeed disrupt the entire PR and communications industry in the times to come.”

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