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Media Mantra expands, announces Gaming Mantra and Social Impact practice

Media Mantra has announced two new divisions – Gaming Mantra and Social Impact practice. Via these divisions, the firm aims to offer bespoke communication strategies to its gaming clientele as well as conceptualise new-age campaigns that will bring out a change in society, respectively.

Udit Pathak, Director, Media Mantra, said, “This is indeed a celebratory moment for us as Media Mantra completes nine years in the industry. We felt this would be the right time to expand our firm and hence we conceptualised the formation of dedicated divisions, Gaming Mantra and Social Impact practice. Having served various notable clients in the market, we are now well versed with the industry. As far as the gaming sector is concerned, it has witnessed a surge ever since the pandemic outbreak last year. Going by KPMG’s reports, the Indian gaming market is projected to hit the $1.83 billion mark by the end of this year and is anticipated to be valued at $3.91 billion by the end of 2025 growing at a CAGR of 113%. This statistic clearly exhibits that the gaming market will continue to grow exponentially in the times ahead as well. More and more businesses and entrepreneurs will be entering the space. While we had been serving clients in this domain for long, this soon-to-be-expected trend prompted us to officially launch our gaming dedicated vertical.”

He added, “As for our Social Impact practice, we envision helping out mankind in whichever way possible to our maximum capacity. Launching this division is just another way of contributing our bit to the society amidst these testing times. We are hopeful that we will be able to efficiently deliver new-age communications solutions and Public Relations strategies to our clients via our dedicated divisions.”

Gaming Mantra has been in existence for some time now, while Media Mantra has made the announcement recently.


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