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PR Club launches podcast targeting aspiring PR professionals 

PR Club of India has launched the PRep Talk Podcast in collaboration with the School of COmmunications and REputations (SCoRe), to help college students understand PR as a career. The podcast exclusively hosts young PR professionals from India’s leading PR consultancies.

The first season of the podcast hosts 14 young PR professionals – from agencies such as Adfactors PR, Avian WE, Fuzion PR, MSL, PR Pundit, and OnPurpose – talking about the role PR professionals play in their respective sectors – defence, broadcast, fashion, tech-based startups, auto, healthcare, BFSI, tech, QSR, consumer tech, sports, FMCG, regional PR, and Social Impact.

The podcast’s goal is to create awareness and inspire more youngsters from various backgrounds to choose PR as their career option.

Shreya Doshi, Communications Lead for the PR Club said, “The Indian PR profession is growing rapidly and there is a lot of demand for good talent. Despite that, the awareness about the public relations profession is very little amongst the youth. So through this initiative, we are trying to achieve PR for PR.”

This PRep Talk podcast is published on various platforms like Spotify, Anchor, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Radio Public, Stitcher, and Podchaser. Season 1, which began on May 14, 2022, will air 14 episodes. A fresh episode will go live every Saturday and Sunday at noon.

The podcasts can be found at – https://bit.ly/PRCareer_Podcast.

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