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PR industry veteran Siddhartha Mukherjee unveils management consultancy ‘Brand Balance’

PR and corporate communications veteran and consultant Siddhartha Mukherjee has newly unveiled ‘Brand Balance’, an ‘ERP’ (Efforts, Resources and Processes) management consultancy for the ‘C-Suite-PR and CorpComm Industry Collective’. The institute aims to work towards strengthening core fundamental ERP pillars through consultancy, concept execution, training and tech solution services.

Brand Balance aims to offer some of the following benefits to the C-Suite – PR and corporate communications Industry ‘Collective’. It will help:
• Multiply communications impact on brand scores and business numbers
• Strengthen and insulate brand reputation
• Reduce dependency on conventional or big-ticket marketing expenditure budgets
• Minimize PR effort wastage
• Fortify client-agency relationship

Speaking about the launch of Brand Balance, Siddhartha Mukherjee, Founder, Brand Balance says, “This unique service launch is about ‘balancing’ all future ‘new normals’. The future balance of India Inc. lies in the hands of the ‘C-Suite-PR and CorpComm Industry Collective’. Business revenues and business risks are directly proportional. The ‘C-Suite-PR and CorpComm Industry Collective’ will be the real protagonist which will balance both. Here, the right mix of ERPs will be the real hero and will play a pivotal role. So far, this area has not been looked into seriously or undervalued either due to lack of time or shortage of dedicated resources.”

Brand Balance also aims to demonstrate the tangible value public relations and corporate communications brings to business stakeholders through a balanced and optimized route of efforts, resources and processes management.

Adding context to this launch, Mukherjee adds, “Irrespective of ‘normal’ or ‘new normal’ scenarios, every client and brand requirement offers a wonderful opportunity as well as huge responsibility to showcase tangible benefits of PR and corporate communications. If the ‘Collective’ starts focusing on developing and balancing the ERPs, it can well emerge as the front runner and most sought-after brand building service industry. Based on my own hands-on experience and interactions with various industry captains across corridors over many years, I seriously believe that while our industry has wonderful leadership, talent, dedication, commitment, knowledge base and all the other necessary wherewithal, the only component that needs re-structuring or balancing are the ERPs – Efforts, Resources & Processes.”

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