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SGA PR launches cohort communications program ‘Pro-teen’

Communications consultancy SGA PR has launched its cohort communications program ‘ProTeen’. The program aims to empower early-age startups to communicate with their stakeholders and build their brand story while optimising their marketing spends. The maiden cohort of the bespoke startup-only initiative has been launched with FAAD Network, a community of over 1600+ angels, high net-worth individuals and venture capitalists across India, Singapore, Dubai, the US, the UK and Canada. The network has invested in 70+ startups.

ProTeen looks to deploy the ‘power of collective’ by bringing a group of young entrepreneurs together to navigate their entrepreneurial journey.

Rahul Jain, Partner & Joint CEO at SGA PR said, “India is the third largest startup ecosystem, and on average at least two to three startups are founded every day. Most of the founders focus on developing the product and technology and often fail to communicate their story to the external ecosystem. We have seen many good business models close prematurely because they could not develop the right narrative for their products and services. After watching the ecosystem closely for a decade now, we believe that this gap needs to be addressed.”

Karan Verma, Co-founder & Director of FAAD Network said, “FAAD Network is committed to supporting the growth and success of our community of founders. We are thrilled to be the first to launch ProTeen along with SGA PR. ProTeen will democratise storytelling for every founder trying to contribute to the digital story of India.”

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