Reputation Styling

Reputation is best defined as a third party perception of you or your brand’s character. Crafting a reputation that is elegant and congenial is more of a tact than art – consistency being the key here. However one is trying to project- it should be resonated on all channels of interaction- off the screen and on the screen. These days social media has crossed its lines of existence and has become a rather malleable concept that flows in all spheres of existence.

Consistency, although a simple word, is a rather tricky thing to achieve. Often the reality and aspiration is a mismatch and if one doesn’t have clearly defined values and identity; it is rather easy to get lost in the maze and be overwhelmed.

The first step of being consistent is identification of oneself/brand. What values does one stand for, what image does one want to portray and what is the goal one is trying to achieve through this exercise. A clarity on these paves the way for a mood board and defines a clear navigation map.

Reputation, thus, is not a place one reaches but rather a continuous journey one undertakes.

Experimenting with your public perception is a straight no. It often confuses the target audience and it dilutes the brand value. Re-branding with the changing times is important but continuous metamorphosis is an information overload in today’s times of 280 characters retention.

As they say “Elegance is not about being noticed, it is about being remembered”.

Many brands that have been operational since the last few decades have completely forfeited their legacy and started anew. The reputation managers have completely cut off from the past rather than showing the brand’s evolution and journey. This has subjected the brands to greater volatility and uncertainty. Thus creating an image existential crisis for the brand.

Reputation as they say is the fruit of the years of hard work and consistency. Whether it is a new brand or an old, one can earn a good reputation by conforming to a legacy and core set values that are digitally echoed through all channels of virtual existence.

Most importantly, the style of a brand should represent the passion of the soul. An image so sturdy that it becomes tarnish free can only be achieved through dedication and a record of integrity. The honest and modest body of work is the one that finds an easy place in everybody’s heart.

Authored by Evita Shekhar Sood

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