Speaking to the Young!

The youth of today are more in tune with the latest trends and technologies. Due to over stimulation of the latest updates, they are in constant search for new and exciting information. A regular sales advertisement is more appealing if it’s in a stop motion or a doodle video.

Colour and jargon also play a key role in appealing the youth. Bright colours on plain white backgrounds work the best. Graffiti style fonts leave a lasting impression and the use of latest jargon is a sure shot winner.

Another key force is over abuse of discounts, the over competition between the brands have created a war of discounts and offers. Resultantly, the generation is not only spoiled for options but also for extra perks. This thus has diluted the concept of brand loyalty and the one that offers a better deal is almost always preferred, regardless of the quality of the product.

While drafting a message intended for the young, it has to be kept in mind that the campaign has to be fresh and original. This is perhaps the most receptive generation towards advertising and branding campaigns. Innovation in product placement is duly noticed and appreciated for out-of-the-box thinking.

Lastly, it is important to keep up with the latest popular sentiment of the public vis a vis celebrities and hashtags. The easiest way to connect with today’s youth is to run a trendy and witty hashtag on social media and get an influencer or a celebrity to participate in it. It creates instant hype and guarantees success!

Along with all of this one must remember that the youth is also very intelligent, given that they are exposed to so much advertising and information at every level. So simply using hashtags or celebrities doesn’t always work – youth also looks out for brands that do some work for the society, that are in line with latest changes around the world like LGBT, racial issues – just suggestions for you to consider.

Authored by Evita Shekhar Sood

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