A Case of Sour Grapes

We all come across instances in life that really get us worked up. We look for channels to vent out frustration and sometimes take to social media channels to voice it. Not realising that one lapse of cool can have detrimental effects later.

In a recent incident of such a callous moment, a journalist took to a popular social media platform and called out unnamed fellow journalists and also named a PR firm. The journalist, while being entitled to their own opinion, claimed that the reporter getting a piece of news from a communication or PR firm a few hours prior is not a ‘scoop’.

#1- The company and the reporter have a right to do as they see befitting for them. The journalist extending its own judgement acted out with a certain degree of immaturity and gave an uncalled for verdict on matters nobody raised. Thereby creating a sensation by dragging several entities into the discourse.

#2- In an attempt to paint all and sundry in a bad light, the journalist ended up bringing goodwill to the firm. Because several people started seeing the firm as a truly powerful enterprise to be doing what he mentioned that they were doing.

#3-This social media rant was also seen as a case of sour grapes by few. By wanting to condemn and out the name of fellow reporters, the journalist not only went against the fraternity but also gave a glimpse of personal vendetta. Thus, discrediting their own name and standing.

#4- When one is attached to an existing employer and an organization, one should be mindful of their words and outbursts. One casual or careless remark could potentially cost the company their reputation and clientele. It is the highest form of disservice to the company and the founders, who place their trust in the employees.

The point of this perspective is that one needs to mind their conduct on social media with as much professionalism as one would behave in a conference or other formal occasions. One ill-spoken comment or post can have long term repercussions in terms of reputation and credibility.

Authored by Evita Shekhar Sood

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