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SPAG/FINN introduces the ‘FINN Purpose Alignment Index’ and eBook

SPAG/FINN, a global integrated marketing and communications firm, has launched the ‘FINN Purpose Alignment Index’, a proprietary research product aiming to quantify the influence of a company’s or brand’s purpose-related commitments and efforts on consumer buying decisions in Asia. Also launched was the unveiling of ‘The Change Makers for the Purpose-Driven Landscape’ eBook, a collection of thought leadership content and case studies looking to share best practices in purpose and social impact space. With this, SPAG/FINN has also launched its Purpose and Social Impact practice.

“In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the role of purpose cannot be understated. It is not only a moral imperative but a strategic necessity,” said Aman Gupta, Managing Partner at SPAG FINN Partners. “Our ‘FINN Purpose Alignment Index’ tool and ‘The Change Makers for the Purpose-Driven Landscape’ eBook are designed to empower businesses and individuals in their journey towards creating positive societal impact while driving sustainable growth.”

A first-of-its-kind diagnostic tool, the Index can be deployed across any industry sector to enable brands and corporations to understand how their product and purpose priorities factor into consumer purchasing decisions in a highly competitive marketplace. This proprietary index enables clients to hone purpose-centric market strategies and communications plans based on the predictive impact on brand perception and customer likelihood to support a brand for its social impact.

“We know that purpose and social impact are valued by consumers, and companies that embrace good corporate citizenship have better reputations and do better in the marketplace,” said Gil Bashe, Chair Global Health and Purpose. “With the FINN Purpose Alignment Index, we can guide how and when a company incorporates purpose-based initiatives  to create stronger, organic connections and life-long relationships with consumers for far-ranging mutual benefits for people and the planet.”

The launch of these initiatives took place at PRAXIS 2023. ‘The Change Makers for the Purpose-Driven Landscape’ eBook is available to download here.

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