The Social Media Shelf Life

Ever wondered how long will your content last on social media? What type of content will be received better over the other? After all social media is the new marketplace for brands, which has taken more of a surge in the recent work-from-home situation.

From movies to product launches- all is being done digitally and promoted extensively on social media. As per a study conducted by Content Marketing Institute in 2019, analysing the trend of B2C marketing strategies, it was observed that:
69% of the brands preferred audio/visual content.
64% of the brands preferred written digital content.
63% of the brands preferred images
over traditional outreach methods of- in person content, written print content and audio only content. This gives us an insight into the consumer’s mind and their preferences.

As per the recent trend reports, social media posts that have less words and more images and/or audio-visual content, receive higher response rates and shares as opposed to others.

But as with all things popular, the content on social media also keeps getting displaced and replaced by newer content. The following stats will throw light on the frequency of posts on the popular social media platforms:

Facebook- 4,000 photos are uploaded per second on Facebook as per the latest reports,
Twitter- on an average 6,000 tweets are tweeted per second on Twitter.
Instagram- over 95 million photos and videos are shared on instagram per day.
The image below will help you gain a better understanding of how long the content lasts on each social media portal. Hope this helps to create an effective social media strategy.

Authored by Evita Shekhar Sood

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