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TEDxGatewaySalon appoints Genesis BCW as its communications partner

Genesis BCW has been appointed as the communications partner for TEDxGatewaySalon: Breaking Barriers 2022, an annual in-person conference by TEDxGateway. The event will take place at the NCPA Mumbai on November 18, 2022, bringing together voices who will use their personal stories to generate conversations across several topics. Genesis BCW has been the communications partner for TEDxGateway for the last eight years.

TEDxGatewaySalon: Breaking Barriers 2022 aims to highlight individuals who have gone beyond conventional barriers. Speakers will address standing up against social injustice, helping humanity explore spaces to chart new paths, spearhead science and mythology, and creating an inclusive sports community.

“After hosting a series of events on–screen over the last two years, we are delighted to return with a very special in-person TEDxGatewaySalon event to inspire audiences once again,” said Yashraj Akashi, Senior Ambassador and curator of TEDxGateway. “This time, the TEDx stage will host voices that are trailblazing their way to create a more humanitarian, diverse, inclusive, and culturally rich society by actively taking on challenges to break stereotypes. This gathering, unlike any other, will not only inspire but also compel us to challenge our limitations and view the world through a different lens when we step out. We invite everyone to join us for a very special TEDxGatewaySalon,” Akashi continued.

“TEDxGatewaySalon: Breaking Barriers 2022 is bringing together multidisciplinary stakeholders who have gone beyond conventional barriers to make a mark for themselves,” said Deepshikha Dharmaraj, CEO, Genesis BCW and BCW India Group. “As communication specialists, it is imperative to amplify these eminent voices and their revolutionary ideas. As a purpose-driven organisation whose mission is to move people, Genesis BCW is proud to be a part of this global initiative by TEDxGatewaySalon.”

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