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Coinque Consulting launched by seasoned professionals to tap Web 3.0 needs

A group of Seasoned professionals from diverse sectors such as Legal, Finance, Incubation, Marketing and Communication join hands to form the core team.

As popularity in cryptocurrencies and digital assets grows, a new platform using blockchain technology is set to explore and solve real-world challenges around the set up and growth of Web 3.0 companies. The architects behind the creation and implementation of the revolutionary platform – Coinque – are a group of seasoned leaders passionate about web 3.0 across the domains of Legal, Finance, Start-up Incubation, Marketing and Communication.

Each member of the core team brings unique skill set to the collective landing on the common denominator – the coin. Coinque Consulting will combine their knowledge, networks, and technological ingenuity to empower, finance, lead and provide excellent advice and professional guidance to upscale blockchain companies. Coinque has a strong understanding of how Blockchain and Cryptocurrency or any other domain works in blockchain technology companies. It aims to help grow businesses by tapping the market through product innovations, new distribution channels – providing Legal Advisory, Fundraising Financials, Blockchain Development, Strategy & Partnership, and Public Relations.
Coinque has already established a unique clientele with FanAnywhere, Encryptus, Zebpay, Beldex, AcknoLedger, and more.

CA Chirag Gupta, Partner & Co – Founder, RNG Auditors, says “We’ll see digital ledgers enable a major shift in how we transfer, receive, manage, and store money during the next decade. When people begin to take ownership and responsibility for their own wealth, it will become a clear evidence of blockchain’s influence in democratizing finance.”

Abhishek Singh Rajpurohit, Co-Founder, Coinque, says, “Web 3.0 is the paradigm of business and marketing. Blockchain technologies will assist small businesses in competing with larger corporations, lowering expenses, and increasing transparency and consumer trust.”

Abhishek Mittal, Digital Partner, Coinque and Founder Beeing Social says, “In this digital age, we help brands connect with their customers by establishing personal human connections. We audit your competition to see what works and what doesn’t in order to attain success.”

Anand Mahesh, PR Partner, Coinque and Co-Founder & MD, Mavcomm Group says, “Coinque has extensive experience in the crypto PR business as our PR team helps customers gain organic exposure from the top names in the blockchain business, thanks to contacts with the largest crypto influencers.”
Navodaya Singh Rajpurohit, Legal Partner, Founder of Pravadati Legal & Metaverse Lawyer, says “Smart contracts, land registration, intellectual property rights, chain of custody, litigation records, settlements, and financial transactions are just a few of the applications of blockchain in the legal business.

Understanding blockchain and using its possibilities will put legal practices at the forefront of technology as it continues to evolve and offer greater promise and autonomy to legal practitioners.”

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