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PRCAI partners with Mediation Mantras for new conflict resolution mechanism

Public Relations Consultants Association of India (PRCAI) has partnered with Mediation Mantras for a new initiative – Mediation First. The initiative aims to help the PR industry resolve professional and commercial disputes through international mediation best practices. It looks to create awareness around the art and science of mediation and to help stakeholders solve disputes amicably.

Deeptie Sethi, CEO, PRCAI said, “Mediation is a world-class global skill and with growing complexities and growth of the PR industry in India, we are excited to explore innovative solutions that will strengthen PR industry practices to foster ethical and professional behaviours. Mediation mindset will not only help all of us negotiate a positive, sustainable path to dispute prevention and resolution, but will help build a unified culture to make the public relations industry more professional, ethical and prosperous.”

As a part of this initiative, PRCAI has set up a mediation desk operational from March 1, 2023 and monitored by Mediation Mantras. The desk will give PRCAI Members, their employees, and their clients access to professional mediators who can write about their concerns to mediation@prcai.org or visit www.mediationmantras.com/prcai for more information. Mediation Mantras will evaluate the case for mediation and recommend a way forward.

Radhika Shapoorjee, Founder and CEO of Mediation Mantras said, “We would like to institutionalise mediation as the first port of call to resolve disputes in the PR industry in an amicable and peaceful manner. We are delighted to bring the benefits of mediation and its best practices to the PR fraternity with this sustainable conflict resolution mechanism. ”

“Members of the PR fraternity will have access to a panel of experienced Mediators who will be neutral and impartial, and will help parties address disputed matters in a constructive, dialogue-based manner, in an effort to arrive at conclusive, even creative solutions to their problem,” added Mehernosh Shapoorjee, Co-Founder of Mediation Mantras.

PRCAI’s Vice President, Kunal Kishore, said, “The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to develop a culture of mutual respect and healthy dialogue amongst industry members and to nurture the spirit of one team and one industry. In case a member breaches any of the rules of engagement, or indulges in behaviour that leads to a dispute between client and agency, employer and employee, investor, or community at large, the PRCAI Mediation Desk will help address disputes in their early stages, and prevent them from escalating into crises.”

Another part of the initiative will mediation sensitisation workshops for PRCAI members will be conducted, to help PR Leaders, Human Resources Teams, PR Practitioners and other stakeholders to leverage Mediation techniques that address internal and external conflicts thereby finding better, smoother ways of working and growing together as a professional industry.

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