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WICCI PR and Digital Marketing National Council launch ‘HearHer Advisory Service’

WICCI Public Relations and Digital Marketing Council today announced the ‘HearHer Advisory Service’, a unique initiative to support the professional development needs of women in communications.

Careers in communications continue to be listed amongst India’s most stressful jobs. Also, despite nearly 38% of women at entry levels, a mere 3% reach leadership positions, with the maximum dropouts at mid-management level.

The ‘HearHer Advisory Service’ has been conceptualised to allow women in communications access expert advice to better navigate their career and tackle workplace/POSH issues. The ‘HearHer Advisory Service’ will use the collective experience of 20 senior leaders of the WICCI PR and Digital Marketing Council to guide women across communication disciplines. Women facing mid-career challenges, workplace issues, women wanting to return to the workforce after a break, those struggling to strike a work-life balance or simply requiring an opinion on their career progression, could write to the team at the WICCI Council on Hearher.commscouncil@wicci.in.

Kavita Lakhani, Executive Director, Lintas Live and National President, WICCI Public Relations and Digital Marketing Council, said, “Through the ‘HearHer Advisory Service’ initiative, we wanted to create a safe place for women to share their aspirations and concerns, and access an unbiased opinion on matters related to their career growth. Online counselling offers an unusual level of privacy, accessibility and convenience. Putting pen to paper, or in this case, hand to keyboard – is great for individuals who do not feel comfortable speaking about their problems out loud, or are more at ease with the written word. The ‘HearHer Advisory Service’ is an important step towards our Council’s end objective of helping women thrive in their careers.”

All the information that is shared with the WICCI HearHer Advisory team will remain completely confidential between the sender and the counsellors at WICCI. The email response will involve some exploration of the sender’s concern in an effort to fully understand their experience of it. This stage may take some time, as any movement forward depends on the extent and clarity of the information shared with the HearHer Advisory team. Once the key concerns are identified, the counsellors will begin to work on each of them, one at a time. The counsellors may work towards teaching the sender skills and techniques to help her manage her distress better, or they may send her articles and videos that can help her understand the situation better.

The WICCI Public Relations and Digital Marketing Council comprises senior women professionals and entrepreneurs across industries with professional experience in corporate communications, PR, digital marketing, journalism, personal branding and leadership mentoring.

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