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Avian WE releases diversity and inclusion-themed book ‘Consciously Speaking’

Integrated communications firm Avian WE has unveiled ‘Consciously Speaking’, a book that aims to enable readers to use inclusive terminologies across themes of gender, sex and sexuality. According to an official press release, Avian WE believes that the terminology used in day-to-day conversations can have a positive or a negative impact. While inclusive language has the capacity to empower others and create an environment of equality, discriminatory language can intentionally or unintentionally demean people by using incorrect or offensive terminologies in our communications.

The book has been released in collaboration with The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), and The Rainbow Lit Fest – Queer & Inclusive. The book’s foreword has been penned by Dilip Chenoy, Secretary General, FICCI.

The book has been developed in consultation with gender experts from the development space and with LGBTQIA+ advocates. It aims to give readers an understanding of terminologies, their definitions, explaining their concept, context, and impart caution for usage along with usage examples. Femininity, masculinity, assigned gender, LGBTQIA+, and sexual orientation are some of the terminologies used in the book.

Dilip Chenoy, Secretary General, FICCI said, “’Consciously Speaking’ is an amazing book and can act as a great tool for connecting deeply with persons from diverse gender identities. We live in a world where diversity and inclusion (D&I) is of critical importance and responsible communication is an important subset of D&I. Hence, it is imperative to build people’s understanding about the usage of certain terminologies as prudently guided by this book. FICCI is glad to be associated with Avian WE and the Rainbow Lit Fest team as the Industry Partner for the launch of ‘Consciously Speaking’. FICCI has a Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion to support gender inclusion at the workplace, empower persons with disabilities and facilitate LGBTQ+ inclusion across India Inc. Such endeavours can go a long way in enabling a supportive, diverse, and inclusive ecosystem and inspire people to be their true selves.”

Added Sharif Rangnekar, Festival Director, The Rainbow Lit Fest, “Language has an immediate impact on mindsets and culture. Therefore, I find the book important as it makes people aware of how to engage with the queer community. It could help change a place, space and culture in the times to come.”

Sharmistha Ghosh, Vice President, Social Impact, Avian WE said, “As communication professionals, we know that responsible messaging is imperative as it has the ability to enforce or break stereotypes. ‘Consciously Speaking’ is our effort to build an understanding of certain terminologies, embracing the spirit of inclusivity and diversity. It will be updated periodically, as language and the development landscape are constantly changing, enabling it to stay relevant. The process of creating the content of the book and updating it will be done in consultation with experts. Truly grateful to their contribution to the current terminologies.”

‘Consciously Speaking’ is free-to-download from Avian WE’s website. Visit https://www.avianwe.com/index.php/consciously-speaking/ to download.

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