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PR Professionals launches data analytics and investor relations practices

After 10 years in the communication business, PR Professionals (PRP) launched two new consulting practices – Data Analytics and Investor Relations. The Investors Relations consulting practice will have service offerings including IPO marketing, management of investment roadshows, analysts’ meets, sell-side meetings, site visits, bankers, hedge funds and PE Engagements and coverage of equity coverage reports. Data analytics will be a specialised service.

Incorporating analytics into the arsenal will also create cross-functional synergy between various verticals including design, digital marketing and PR teams. Machine learning, simulation modelling and market and customer trend forecasting will help create models to streamline value creation for existing clients and supply chains.

“Data-driven storytelling and investor relations have become intrinsic to the communication landscape in this new age. The new practices are part of our commitment to adding value to our clients through diversification of our offerings in line with the constantly evolving landscape”, Sarvesh Tiwari, Founder and Managing Director, PR Professionals, said. “The 10-year long journey wouldn’t have been possible without the enduring support of our clients, media experts, and, most importantly, our wonderful team of dedicated professionals. We have always strived to go above and beyond our corporate engagements and sound a clarion call for collaborative efforts by the communication fraternity to unite for the betterment of our society and build a cohesive ecosystem for social and community welfare.”

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