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Roger Darashah to start  European operations at LatAm Intersect PR

LatAm Intersect PR, the Latin American-specialist agency founded by Claudia Daré and Roger Darashah, has announced the opening of its Lisbon office, to manage and recruit European clients looking to communicate across the region. Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, LatAm Intersect PR is a full-service PR and communications firm operating in eight countries across Latin America.

LatAm Intersect PR Europe – which represents the firm’s first ‘international’ operation – will be managed by Co-founder and Executive Director Roger Darashah and represent a bridge for European organisations looking to engage audiences in Latin America, irrespective of whether they currently have a physical presence in the region.

Darashah was formerly Executive Vice President, Technology and Global Business Director of Edelman Latin America and, most recently, Chief Operating Officer of Adfactors PR.

“LatAm Intersect PR’s model is all about helping international businesses to connect with Latin American audiences, whether they be consumers, investors, potential recruits, regulators or business partners. Such clients expect genuinely international thinking and client services levels on par with those across the US or Europe,” he says.

“Our Lisbon offices will provide greater access and proximity to such clients, in addition to representing a hub to coordinate multi-country campaigns.” The agency’s proposition is based around what it describes as ‘audience-based programming’; campaigns designed to align with audience concerns and priorities (rather than exclusively those of the brand). New audiences are engaged through the propagation of narratives designed in a particular manner that enable the brand to connect and participate in existing conversations.

Founder and Managing Partner, Claudia Daré, describes the firm’s foundation as a response to the gradual marginalisation of genuinely ‘earned first’ communication across the region.

“The ability to engage audiences, on their terms, through creativity, argument and relationships is more important than ever. These qualities are hard to come by, and only acquired through experience and deep knowledge of the terrain, but they are attributes that our clients consider absolutely fundamental,” she says.

“Our extremely connected and experienced teams across Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay and Peru, as well as Central America (from Costa Rica and Panama), backed by our proven ‘audience-based’ methodology, represents an extremely compelling offering for the region,” she said. “Our Lisbon operations will be particularly relevant for international clients looking to build relevance and a connection with local audiences, where the ‘presumption’ of interest cannot be assumed. The ability to see the world as local audiences see it and then connect with them accordingly represents an extremely compelling proposition for brands.”

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