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Disprz signs up Pitchfork Partners for strategic communications

Disprz, a learning and skilling tech platform for enterprises, has named Pitchfork Partners as its strategic communications partner. Pitchfork Partners is tasked with building and strengthening the platform’s brand reputation.

Subramanian Viswanathan (Subbu), CEO and Co-Founder, Disprz, said, “Learning and skill development is witnessing a surge in India. We cater to the unique needs of the global B2B skill development ecosystem. We believe that learning and development helps build missing skills to reduce the errors that hinder business growth and even affect customer experiences. Pitchfork Partners shares our passion and beliefs. We are hopeful that Pitchfork’s expertise will play a key role in the success of our communication outreach and help in maximizing our penetration. We see a huge opportunity for sustained growth in India and Pitchfork Partners has the credentials to assist us.

Jaideep Shergill, Co-founder, Pitchfork Partners, said, “We look forward to this great partnership and are delighted to expand our expertise. With Disprz’s goal to skill India and its unique technology offerings, it has an edge when it comes to learning and development, and it can disrupt the market. We are excited to partner with such a brand.”

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